Since the 1840's...

the Irvington District has been welcoming settlers and the Gold Rush era was one of the largest booms. Fast forward to the 1970's when a group of community leaders formed the Irvington Business Association and helped to resurrect the Irvington Monument in the location where you see it now and a pattern emerges - we care about Irvington.

5 great reasons why you should join

“The purposes for which this nonprofit organization is formed are:  To promote the economic and social welfare of the Irvington District of the City of Fremont, California, by fostering its industrial and commercial development, by  improvements of its public facilities, by sponsoring of social advantages and improvement of general living conditions,  together with all actions and activities appropriate thereto.”
- IBA Mission Statement, 1979

The Irvington Business Association is comprised of approximately 100 local businesses & residents involved in a wide spectrum of industries.  Its purpose is to help you:

  • Stay Informed: We provide a forum to discuss of current current issues, major developments, and information pertaining to you and your business via our monthly meetings

  • Get Connected: Hold a mixer to attract new customers and introduce – or re-introduce – them to your business... and the IBA will help fund it! We strongly feel there is no better way to help you grow your business

  • Become Involved: When you sponsor community activities, it promotes the Irvington District, the IBA membership, and most importantly your business! From major events during the holiday season, to the Fremont 4th of July Parade, to other events that promote community you are helping to make strong the community you belong to

  • Foster Responsibility: The IBA helps the community in many ways, such as local High School Graduating Senior Scholarships for senior planning on attending Ohlone College. This program keeps dollars local while promoting our great City

  • Supporting Success: The IBA has many resources to help you succeed, just ask us to help and we are there!

We welcome all looking to network!

The Irvington Business Association exists to foster growth and development in the Irvington District.  By focusing our efforts in our own backyards, we hope that surrounding neighborhoods, communities, districts, and the City at large will benefit from our actions.

We are a nonprofit, nonpolitical, community based business organization dedicated to local issues.

Membership startup fees:

$40 Start-up (applied toward your first year membership)
$40 Annual Membership Dues

Please complete this form. Membership startup payment will be available after sign up.


Optional Mail in

You may also download this form and mail to:

Irvington Business Association
ATTN: New Membership
PO Box 1631
Fremont, CA  94538

You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.
— Zig Ziglar