Monument Festival


Still searching for when this event actually began in the Irvington Township, but it could be approaching 75-100 years ago in some form. In the "Images of America" book series showcasing small towns and neighborhoods, authors Philip Holmes and Jill Singleton produced a book about the Irvington District in Fremont. (Available on Amazon:

There is a photo from 1944 that shows onlookers to the "Apricot Festival" covering the Irvington Monument where it stood in the middle of Five Corners (Page 87). Could this have been the start of celebrating the community at the Monument?

During the 1970's and 1980's, the Irvington Business Association produced a festival that included good old fashioned fun that included Bingo, a pie eating contest, etc. Sometime later there was an attempt to bring back the Festival.

East Bay Times article, 2009, announcing "Fremont to see return of Irvington festival after 26-year hiatus".